rom the time I booked my Microneedling appointment all the way to sending me home, Jess walked me through the process and gave me detailed instructions and directions. She never left me wondering what was happening or what I needed to do for aftercare.

I chose Microneedling because it’s such an effective way to tighten the skin, address fine lines and wrinkles and it breaks up my age spots. I have had two sessions with Jess so far and already see a huge difference in my skin.. During my procedure, she made sure that I was comfortable and that I knew what she was doing, and more importantly, why! My skin was numbed and I was completely comfortable and didn’t experience any pain. It feels like a facial massage.

Within weeks everyone kept commenting on my skin and how great it looks. Honestly, I saw much younger, tighter looking skin and the drooping wasn’t there anymore!

What I absolutely love about Jess is that she consults me on what my skin needs which is different than someone else’s skin. It’s not about selling me the latest fad. At 53 I have specific skin care goals and Jess wants to partner with me so that mission is fulfilled. She is educated in her procedures and products and that sets her apart.

If you are not sure what your skin actually needs I highly recommend booking with Jess. If you are like me and want to feel amazing and see your skin maintain that youthful glow, book her! My results have exceeded my expectations and I am beyond happy!"

- Tracy




"For great brands to survive, they must create loyalty beyond reason..."

     he quality of care and level of excellence Jess provides is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Jess has created an environment of peace and professionalism and as soon as you walk into her spa room you can immediately feel the difference and feel welcomed, loved, and cared for.

She is eager to answer any questions you might have around your services and walks you through each step of her process all while taking the time to listen to your specific skincare concerns.

She is knowledgable and attentive and not only cares about taking care of and treating your skin well, but she cares deeply about you as a person.

I’ve always had skin issues and after the very first treatment of Dermalinfusion I saw results in the overall texture, tone, and appearance of my skin.

I love that Jess wasn’t interested in selling me a product or procedure but is truly interested in giving me the best recommendation based on my unique and personal needs and skin goals.

Jess is your GIRL for all things skin and beauty."

- Britt


     recently saw Jess for a Dermalinfusion treatment and could not have been happier with the results. The treatment was so relaxing and Jess explained everything she was doing and made me feel so comfortable. I am 45 and my skin has been showing real signs of aging and loss of elasticity. The treatment left my skin looking plump and refreshed. Between the treatment and the new products she sent me home with, my skin has never looked or felt better. I can’t wait for my next visit with her!"

- Stacy


       s a busy mother I often forget to make time for myself. I’m sure most women would agree that it’s easy to spoil our loved ones and make sure everyone is taken care of and then look in the mirror and realize it’s been a while since we did something special for ourselves.

My dear friend Jess Waldrop invited me to try dermalinfusion. The day of my facial was perfect. Jess is timely and professional. The Mira Med Spa is a relaxing and beautiful space to unwind and escape everyday chaos. I got to my cozy spa room and laid down in the most luxurious bed.

Something I really loved about this procedure and Jess’ care is that she told me everything she was doing and why. She asked me questions along the way to be sure she understood my skin‘s needs. I was completely relaxed. Dermalinfusion is a unique experience. I loved knowing my skin was getting the best treatment. My skin was gently exfoliated and deeply hydrated at the same time.

As I got ready to leave I looked in the mirror and saw my face. My skin was glowing and looked so hydrated. I have really dry skin since entering my 40’s. I left with a dewy complexion. For days after, I could still see and feel the hydration that dermalinfusion provided. I loved all the pampering my skin received. Any woman would benefit from this procedure. Be sure to make this part of your beauty regimen. Take care of YOU!”

- Krista


      ike many people, I haven’t always been very consistent with my skincare. In fact, it was about 4 years ago, at 36 years of age, that I started actually seeing the sun damage and aging becoming more apparent - and I wanted to make a difference.

I’ve been consistently using a daily skincare regimen, including eye cream, a hydrating serum, and occasional masks. However, this year, I turned 40 and I knew I needed to give myself a lot more self-care and focus. When I started seeing Jess, I felt that it wasn’t just about the treatment she was performing. It was about the service she was providing me and the energy, focus, and care I felt. She helped me understand that the effort I put into my skin now, will affect what I see and feel in the long term. Dermalinfusion Treatment gave me the instant glow that I wanted immediately and also for multiple days after. I found myself not wanting to wear makeup as often and that I had a confidence in my skin that I had never felt.

Whenever I walk out of a session with Jess, I leave with a feeling of having just received a gift of love and generosity of character. She truly loves her clients and goes above and beyond to make me feel that I’m in the best hands.”

- Brittany


     absolutely loved my skincare services with Jess Waldrop! I have rosacea, so typically facials and skincare services make my skin flare-up. Jess took the time to understand my skin history, then she gave me a Dermalinfusion, which was amazing!! Not only did my skin NOT flare-up, I walked out feeling like my pores were smaller, my skin was hydrated and softer, and my skin tone was more even!!!

Jess did such a great job explaining everything to me, making sure that I was comfortable, and the best part of all, pampering me! I really loved the results that I saw from my Dermalinfusion and can’t wait to go back to continue this regimen. It made such a difference that I really want to make this part of my ongoing skincare plan, something I’ve never made a priority before.

I highly recommend Jess - she will recommend the best care for your skin and makes it so easy to put into action. Plus, she literally has the softest touch - so relaxing and soothing!

- Tina